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What are people saying about SAFE?

Regarding SAFE Membership

“We used to be members some time ago, but let it lapse. As we were facing new challenges we needed to decide if we should stay in our more isolated situation, move to a place that has more options and help for our son, or return to the States to get more help. Everyone from our agency to other resources kept saying… “Talk to (SAFE)! They will be able to help you.” We are so grateful for all the listening and asking questions from (SAFE) consultants, as well as helping us think through the options.”
“We are privileged to have TWO consultants still tracking with us – thanks so much! Grateful to you both. So grateful for you two to be (going) with us in this journey and passing on resources and asking good questions. We really appreciate the insights we always glean, the encouragement you give us when so few others do, and the practical help and tips you offer.”
“How do you do it? When I started I didn’t know what to do. Now I do, and you never TOLD me. You just listened….Thank you!”

Regarding Family Education Conferences 

From a family: “The expertise and caring levels of the (SAFE) staff and conference speakers are off the charts. It’s exactly what people like me need.”
From a family: “This, more than any other conference like it, is so specific to our context and lifestyle so it was so helpful and encouraging.”
From a teen: “I think that the sessions were very well planned. Thank you all for arranging this youth group. I really am thankful for the time and effort you have spent.”