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What are the services offered by SAFE?

Meeting the educational needs of expat families serving in Asia is crucial to their well‐being and longevity overseas. In 2001, SAFE was specifically created (as AERC) to provide critically needed services and support to these families who are using nontraditional educational methods such as homeschooling, national schools, or online schooling. SAFE is a partnership of schools, organizations, and individuals serving in Asia with a board of representatives from the network.

SAFE will come alongside parents to assist families to:

  • Evaluate educational options for their children
  • Grasp the long‐term implications of these decisions
  • Choose and use national schools successfully
  • Address homeschooling issues and concerns
  • Use technology in their children’s education
  • Address second language and ESL issues
  • Assist students with special learning needs
  • Understand Third Culture Kid issues 
  • Prepare for transition and reentry experiences

SAFE provides support through:

  • Highly qualified educational consultants
  • Family Education Conferences
  • Testing services
  • Resource centers
  • Home visits

SAFE Services in Detail

Basic Membership A basic membership includes access to the exclusive SAFE website, monthly SAFE resource letter, and SAFE resource centers (Thailand, Malaysia, India). The annual membership is USD 25 ($20 for families with SAFE member organizations).

Full Membership A full membership is for families needing more direct support from SAFE’s network of consultants. Full members will be able to connect with specialists who can answer questions, offer advice, and suggest resources. Full members will also enjoy a 20% discount on testing and conference fees. The annual membership is USD 100 ($75 for families with SAFE member organizations).

SAFE ProNet Membership Spearheaded by SAFE staff and supported by a team of specialists around the world, ProNet is a professional development network for consultants and member care professionals serving in TCK education and support. This includes access to the exclusive SAFE website,the SAFE resource letter, ProNet forum on Podio, the SAFE consultant resource library, and professional development opportunities. The annual membership is USD 20/person.

Full members can also add the following packages: 

High School Guidance Services (HSGS) Spearheaded by SAFE staff and supported by partnering schools and consultants, this package offers high school guidance counseling services covering high school and the transition to college. The annual price of this package is USD 25/family.

REACH Package Led by SAFE Staff and supported by a team of specialists, this package provides a special needs case management service that will support families through the process of identifying and educating students with special needs. The annual price of this package is USD 100/child.

SAFE Services at a Glance

SAFE Annual Membership Options Basic  Full  ProNet 
Access to exclusive SAFE website
Subscription to the SAFE resource letter
Borrow from SAFE resource centers (Thailand, Malaysia, India)
Consultations with SAFE staff
Discounts on testing and conferences (20%)
Access to REACH services ($100/child)
Access to HSGS services ($25/family)
ProNet forum on Podio
Access to SAFE staff library
Professional development opportunities
Annual membership dues per family $25 $100
Dues for families with SAFE member organizations $20 $75
ProNet membership dues $20